Supporters of the AIAVA Political Action Committee

2024 Campaign

$2,500 to $4,999


$1,000 to $2,499



William Brown, AIA
Jeremy Maloney, AIA


Paul Battaglia, AIA
Tim Colley, AIA
Karen Conkey, AIA
Eliza Engle, AIA
Michael Schwartz, AIA
Elisabeth Sloan, Architect
Robert Dunay, FAIA


Kelly Callahan, AIA
Maggie Dunlap, Assoc. AIA
Meagan Jancy, AIA
Sandra Leibowitz, AIA
T.J. Meehan, AIA
Carrie Parker, AIA
Amanda Schlichting, AIA
Louis Wolf, AIA
Mitch Rowland, AIA
Warees Smith, AIA, NOMA

Up to $99

Helen Poole
Phoebe Crisman, AIA
Cathy Guske, Hon. AIA Virginia
Ashleigh Walker, Assoc. AIA
Sidney Griffin, AIA