Supporters of the AIAVA Political Action Committee

2022 Campaign

$1,000 to $2,499

Work Program Architects


R. Corey Clayborne, FAIA (also gave in 2017-2021)


Eliza Engle, AIA (also gave in 2018-2021)


2021 Campaign

$2,500 to $4,999

PMA Architecture
VMDO Architects

$1,000 to $2,499

Glave & Holmes Architecture
LeMay Erickson Willcox Architects
Quinn Evans
VIA Design Architects

$500 to $999

MG2 Corporation
MTFA Architecture
William “Bill” Brown, AIA (also gave in 2012-2020)
Jeremy Maloney, AIA (also gave in 2017-2020)


Andre + Marquez Architects
Conkey Architects (also gave in 2017-2020)
Frazier Associates
Galvin Architects
Scott Campbell, AIA (also gave in 2018-2020)
R. Corey Clayborne, FAIA 
Eric Keplinger, AIA (also gave in 2015-2020)
David King, AIA (also gave in 2019)
Jeanne LeFever (also gave in 2015-2020)
Carolyn Rickard-Brideau, AIA (also gave in 2019)
J. Mitch Rowland, AIA (also gave in 2017-2020)
Elisabeth Sloan, AIA (also gave in 2017-2020)
Lou Wolf, AIA (also gave in 2016-2020)


Alloy Architecture & Construction
Architecture AF
Colley Architects (also gave in 2012-2020)
Galvin Architects (also gave in 2020)
Kerns Group Architects (also gave in 2015-2020)
KGD Architecture (also gave in 2020)
Powe Studio Architects (also gave in 2019-2020)
Reader & Swartz Architects (also gave in 2013-2020)
r4 llc (also gave in 2018-2020)
Colin Arnold, AIA
JW Blanchard, AIA (also gave in 2020)
Robert Dunay, FAIA (also gave in 2018-2020)
Rebecca Edmunds, AIA
Thomas Ellis, AIA (also gave in 2016-2020)
Eliza Engle, AIA 
Roland Lemke, AIA (also gave in 2020)
Nathaniel McCormick, AIA
Rob Reis, AIA (also gave in 2017-2020)
James Scruggs, AIA (also gave in 2018-2020)
Nick Serfass, FAIA (also gave in 2020)
Michael Spory, Assoc. AIA (also gave in 2020)
Chris Venable, AIA (also gave in 2016-2020)
Nick Vlattas, FAIA (also gave in 2012-2020)
Steve Wakeman, AIA (also gave in 2019-2020)

Up to $99

B. Grace Design, LLC (also gave in 2020)
MSStudioarchitecture, LLC
Anonymous [ 9 ]
Ryan Alkire, AIA (also gave in 2020)
Krystal Anderson, AIA (also gave in 2018-2020)
Ron Anderson | Nello Wall Systems, Inc. (also gave in 2019-2020)
Kelly Batchelder (also gave in 2020)
Scott Boyce, AIA (also gave in 2016-2020)
Debbie Burns, Hon. AIA (also gave in 2019-2020)
John Burns, FAIA (also gave in 2015-2020)
Phoebe Crisman, AIA (also gave in 2018-2020)
April Drake, AIA (also gave in 2018-2020)
Maggie Dunlap, Assoc. AIA
Robert Easter, FAIA (also gave in 2018-2020)
Braden Field, AIA (also gave in 2018-2020)
Rhea George, Hon. AIA VA (also gave in 2019-2020)
John Glenn, AIA (also gave in 2020)
Cathy Guske, Hon. AIA VA (also gave in 2019-2020)
Charles Hendricks, AIA
Stephen Kulinski, AIA (also gave in 2018-2020)
Michael Lawson, AIA
Spencer Lepler, AIA (also gave in 2016-2020)
Joe McCoy, AIA (also gave in 2018-2020)
Joshua McKenrick, AIA (also gave in 2020)
Shawn Mulligan, AIA (also gave in 2018-2020)
Marci Parrish
Kathryn Prigmore, FAIA
Gareth Ratti, AIA (also gave in 2017-2020)
Maury Saunders, AIA (also gave in 2019-2020)
Amanda Schlichting, AIA (also gave in 2018-2020)
Kristen Smith
Mark Treon, AIA (also gave in 2016-2020)
Nick Wade, AIA (also gave in 2020)
Chris Warren, AIA (also gave in 2019-2020)
Ed Weaver, AIA (also gave in 2017-2020)
Rob Winstead, AIA (also gave in 2018-2020)